Custom data center solutions

COLO-D meets the stringent requirements of large companies and organizations who are looking for custom tailored data center solutions based on a high-performance infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art solutions are aimed at cloud providers, high-tech companies, financial institutions and government agencies that seek more than simple colocation. The customized data centers that we design for our clients offer an infrastructure ready for the technologies of tomorrow; we build what we consider to be the most advanced data centers around.

Unequaled operational know-how

Choosing COLO-D for your custom tailored data center solution gives you access to our unequaled and unique Canadian expertise in the design, engineering and operation of large-enterprise environments.

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COLO-D’s customized data centers provide the connectivity required by tomorrow’s large businesses. We are connected to major national and international telecom providers. The geographical location of COLO-D data centers allows direct and rapid connection to the main Tier 1 and 2 national and international telecommunications providers, as well as major network backbones.

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COLO-D’s customized data center solutions provide you with an unmatched level of flexibility. Our experts have worked on the largest data center deployments in Canada, allowing you to benefit from a wealth of experience. We understand precisely the technical needs of cloud providers, high-tech companies, financial institutions, government agencies and other large organizations.