Hyperconnected high performance data center solutions

COLO-D offers high-level connectivity to large corporations with extremely specific needs in terms of peering, network interconnections and content sharing. COLO‑D’s growing list of telecommunications service providers includes some of the biggest players in the industry. In addition, COLO-D is one of the most connected data center providers in Canada, with an abundance of fully redundant and diverse paths, including dark fiber and links to national telecom hubs. Our state-of-the-art facilities, combined with low-latency and high-capacity connectivity, give large enterprises the option to migrate to a high-performance hybrid cloud model. All these services are available between COLO-D’s two data centers, which is ideal for organizations seeking business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

Hyperconnected data centers

We understand that the speed at which data is transmitted is crucial for businesses and organizations, especially those working with sensitive information, financial data or those involved in video games. COLO-D’s data centers are strategically located to optimize telecommunications efficiencies.

The latency between the two sites is less than 1.5ms, ideal for a completely redundant environment.

Our hyper connected data centers are equipped with several meet-me rooms (MMR) that are fed by completely redundant connections. Each facility is equipped with at least two MMRs protected by separate fiber paths.

As a neutral colocation center operator, COLO-D is completely independent from the telecommunications providers present in its data centers.