Locations of our data centers

COLO-D provides the connectivity required by tomorrow’s data centers. We are connected to major national and international Tier 1 and 2 carriers. The geographic location of COLO-D’s data centers allows direct and fast connection to major network backbones. The latency between COLO-D1 and COLO-D2 is less than 1.5 ms and the sites are only 80 km apart; this is ideal for ensuring fully redundant environments and reducing vulnerability to environmental and other risks.


Greater Montreal region

120,000 square feet

Greater Montreal region

240,000 square feet

Greater Montreal region

500,000 square feet

Stable and redundant energy supply

Our data centers benefit from a supply of electricity that is among the most stable in North America. Moreover, COLO-D1 and COLO-D2 each feature redundant power supplies.


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Cutting-edge cooling technology

COLO-D uses the most advanced and efficient technologies for its cooling systems. We rely on a sophisticated air exchange system to take advantage of Quebec’s colder climate. This greatly improves efficiency for cooling the server rooms, which translates into highly competitive data center solutions for our clients.

Protection against natural disasters

Our data centers are strategically located. They are established in different climatic and seismic zones, and the distance between them, 80 km, is ideal for reducing vulnerability to environmental and other hazards.