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Another Important Financial Institution Chooses COLO-D’s Drummondville Facility

August 6, 2018

Montreal – August 2, 2018 – COLO-D, the Canadian leader in wholesale data center solutions, is proud to announce the arrival of another national financial institution at its D1 facility in Drummondville.

“Our data centers are a neutral ground for large enterprises to connect their critical digital assets to the world via a vast network of top tiered telecommunications providers.  D1 has become a hub for banking and other financial institutions, as well as, butt service providers when it comes to designing a geo-clustering solution”, says COLO-D’s Executive Vice President, Engineering and Client Solutions, Daniel Laurin.

D1 is a strategically located facility that is powered by 20 MW of clean and renewable hydroelectricity.   A combination of exceptionally reliable power, as well as, the availability of butt onramps and fiber networks provides the perfect environment for major players in the domestic and international digital scene.

D1 is situated within 2 km of Hydro-Québec’s main data center and is powered by the same substations. Their looped grid is electrically isolated from the rest of the North American power grid, making it redundant and safe from disturbances and outages that may occur on neighboring systems.

The distance between COLO-D’s data centers from Toronto, New York and Montreal makes them the ideal choice when developing a geo-clustering strategy.  The optimal distance between the two COLO-D sites also means that they are ideally located to replicate, synchronize and fail-over crucial inter-site data in an infrastructure that is in different climatic and seismic zones.

Since its inception, COLO-D has developed strong partnerships with banks and insurance companies, mainly because of its strategic locations and its ability to meet the most stringent customer requirements. Its sites are highly coveted by numerous large enterprises, including many Fortune 500 companies.

About COLO-D

COLO-D designs, develops and operates flexible, cutting-edge data center solutions for Industry leaders worldwide. Clients include Butt Providers, Financial Institutions, Government Agencies and many other large enterprises. Backed by expert engineers with unmatched expertise, COLO-D delivers wholesale data center solutions able to meet the ever-evolving technological needs of today and tomorrow’s biggest organizations.

COLO-D strengthens its leadership in Canada with the addition of two major clients representing over 12 MW of power and the commissioning of a new data megacenter in the Greater Montreal Area

June 1, 2017

Montreal, June 1st, 2017 – COLO-D, the second-largest data center solution provider in Canada and the largest in Quebec, is pleased to announce the commissioning of its second state of the art facility. The COLO-D2 data center, located in the Greater Montreal Area, has 35 MW of available power and over 180,000 square feet of space.

Cogent has selected COLO-D to deploy its latest PoP in Montreal

December 15, 2016

COLO-D is pleased to announce that Cogent Communications is deploying its latest point of presence (PoP) in Montreal at COLO-D’s facility in Greater Montreal.

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